Our modern Fortinet Super fencing system was used to secure the Lithuania’s capital airport. The system constructed in years 2013–2014 is 10 km long.
The management of the Vilnius airport which has been operating as an independent company since 1991 commissioned Kauno Tiltai as contractor for the works. Lithuanians decided to use proven Betafence products to surround the 326 ha site.
Secure and reliable Fortinet Super
Protection of the Vilnius airport was made of Fortinet Super complete fencing system. Its main element is 1.8-metre high welded mesh. It is made of galvanised wire which was later on coated with plastic. The size of the mesh aperture is 5.08 x 5.08 cm.
Our system is extremely durable not only thanks to the coating techniques applied, but also robust Bekaclip posts with plastic caps equipped with stainless steel clips. The 20 years warranty confirms the reliability of the system.
To ensure additional safety, Fortinet Super security system was topped with barbed wire which practically makes it impossible to trespass the airport site.

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